Mission, Vision and Corporate Values

Mission Statement

As a global leader in branded home products, we strive to provide a good return to our shareholders through strong and relevant brands; outstanding support to our stores; proactive solutions and services to our partners; cutting-edge retail concepts; and the most compelling experience for consumers through innovative products, design, marketing and manufacturing processes.


To create home furnishings that excite consumers, making our brands and products their first choice.

Corporate Values

Human Development - Continuous pursuit of business excellence through the empowerment of our people and the application of concepts, techniques and methodologies that translate the best management models available.

Sustainability - Disseminate the concept of sustainability throughout the processes and culture of the Company.

Ethics - Act with transparency, accountability and ethics, respecting the laws, cultures and social values.

Innovation - Disseminate the culture of innovation across the Company, as a means of differentiation and growth.

Customers - Constantly exceed our customers’ expectations by offering the best products and a service characterize by excellence.