• decada 60


    1967 - Foundation of Companhia de Tecidos Norte de Minas - Coteminas.

  • decada 70


    1975 - Start of operations of first textile plant in Montes Claros, MG.

  • decada 80


    Expansion through the acquisition of a new plant located in Natal, RN.

  • decada 90


    Acceleration of growth with a focus of attaining economies of scale;

    Construction of two new plants in Campina Grande, PB and acquisition of plants located in Blumenau, SC and João Pessoa, PB;

    Entering the consumer products segment, through the acquisition of Santista and Artex brands, in Brazil, and Arco-Íris and Fantasia brands, in Argentina.

  • decada 2000


    International expansion through an strategic alliance with Springs Industries in the United States;

    2004 - Construction of a new plan in Argentina;

    2006 - Creation of Springs Global as a result of a merger between Companhia de Tecidos Norte de Minas, with operations in South America, and Springs Industries, with operations in North America;

    2007 - Initial Public Offering of Springs Global. Focus on delivering the synergies resulting from the merger.

    2009 - Entering the retail market in Brazil, through the acquisition of MMartan

  • decada 2000


    2009 - 2011 - Expansion of MMartan stores, from 57 to 168

    2011 - Launch of a second retail chain under the brandname Artex

    Expansion of product offerings and integration between the industrial and retail operations;

    2015 - Start of Artex franchises

    2018 - Start of digital franchise

    2019 - Combination of North American operation asset with Keeco