Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct applies to directors, executives and employees at all levels of functional Springs.

Customer Relations
Our commitment to customer satisfaction should reflect respect for their rights in the search for solutions that meet their interests.

Social Responsibility
The Company does not in any way accept the exploitation of child labor nor condone to work in conditions akin to slavery. Springs reserves the right to terminate the relationship with suppliers or any type of organization that do not comply with such practices.

It is the responsibility of directors, officers and executives of Springs Global ParticipaƧƵes SA, in the exercise of their functions and responsibilities to perform actions and implement measures aimed at the effective observation of our values​​, attitudes and behaviors, taking reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of restricted information regarding the Company.

Community and Environment
The Company‘s activities will be developed in harmony with the environment, by encouraging and promoting environmental preservation and supporting the socioeconomic development of the communities where it operates.

Relationship with Shareholders
Communication with shareholders give will be held through the Department of Investor Relations, guided by an accurate, transparent and timely communication.

The services provided by the Company with not discriminate shareholders based on the size and relevance of their equity holdings, except in case of restrictions imposed by the legislation.

Reports and Complaints
Violations of the provisions of this Code may be reported to the Company via the e-mail